Scholarship Application

LATA Scholarship Eligibility Requirements-

-Must be an SFUSD high school senior or have attended an SFUSD school.
-Must be of Latino heritage.
-Must explain financial need
-Must demonstrate a commitment to a college education
-Must demonstrate leadership in your community and commitment to give back to your community.

LATA Scholarship Priority Criteria

1.  “Dreamer”
2.  Financial need (not as likely to get other scholarships)
3.  Community service & commit­ment to give back
4.  Southeastern quadrant
5.  First in family to go to college
6.  Academics…especially if has faced challenges and struggled!

Ranking based on:

-Personal statement
-Letters of recommendation

Application Download Link:

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Option 1:

Download paper application and physically mail to 333 Clipper St. SF 94114

Option 2:

Submit Google form with all components of application uploaded as PDF (force copy of application)